Here we go, steelers

During last week’s regularly scheduled ladies-night dinner at DW’s house, or maybe it was two weeks ago, CK reminded me of how crazy-silly-fun this is:

I grew up listening to this nonsense, so while it’s about the Steelers (boo), it still makes me laugh. Especially when CK randomly interjects a “here we go” into normal conversation.

LET ME BE CLEAR. While I may be forced to enjoy this song by my dad, uncle, cousin, and other assorted Pittsburgh-dwelling family members… this in no way means I actually like the Steelers or am somehow pulling for them on Sunday’s game. No way, José.

The Ravens will dominate, and I will celebrate this monumental kick-off to Inauguration-week festivities. (That’s a bold-faced lie because I’m gonna get the party started on Saturday, but anyway…)

So, while I entertained you above with a fun, if not totes ridic video, I want to leave you with this Ray-Lewis gem:


(iHeart Ray Lewis.)


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