lovely christmas gifts

Inspired from DC Striving’s gift round-up, I decided to do a little show and tell myself. I love receiving gifts almost as much as I enjoy giving them, and this year I was extra fortunate to receive some super thoughtful (and beautifully wrapped) gifts! And, as usually happens to me post-Christmas, I have already begun coveting and wishing and hoping my way towards a birthday-wish list. And even though it’s a mere three weeks away (I might have mentioned), that’s just ridiculous.
So let me take a moment to reflect on just how lovely my Christmas gifts were:
Elsa Peretti round pendant

Ok, so I already owned this beautiful necklace (evidently Kiera Knightly is a fan) but more than two years ago, the chain broke. And, in my infinite laziness… I never got around to getting it fixed. Which is extra pathetic because it’s not only one of my most favorite wear-daily necklaces, but also because there is a Tiffany’s in DC. D’oh. Thankfully, I have a generous mother who kindly repaired the chain and polished it up nice and pretty.

High School Musical, the calendar

High School Musical, the calendar

I received this kick-ass calendar from my “secret snowflake” – my work-place’s politically-correct version of a “secret santa.” I have to say, my snowflake did her research and hit the nail on the head. Can I help it if I’m twenty-eight going on nine…

The Twilight Saga, by Stephanie Meyers

During my Martha’s Vineyard vacation this past November, I bought and fell in love, literally, with the Twilight saga… and it looks like I’m not alone. Edward Cullen, you mesmerize me.

I know it’s not well written, and I know that it’s basically a dressed-up abstinence-only PSA disguised as a teen-romance novel, but I don’t care. I love, love, loves it. And the copies of the Entertainment Weekly that DF gave me – icing!



Inspired by LL’s bold purchase in October, I added booties (shooties?) to my wish list… and Santa came through. They’re super fun to wear, even if I’m technically too short for them!

mortar and pestle from Vina del Mar, Chile

mortar and pestle from Vina del Mar, Chile

And, to be sure, the best Christmas gift I could have EVER asked for was the mortar and pestle I received from a friend and colleague, JR. Turns out, JR went to a wedding in Chile over the winter break. And, turns out the wedding was in my birth place. Of all the wedding locations in the world… Anyway, JR brought me back the gift above, and I swear to you, I cried a little. Talk about the perfect gift.

So you know what? I had a great holiday season, I had a wonderful time with my lovely family and crazy/beautiful friends, and went to an amazing wedding. What else could a lady ask for?


5 thoughts on “lovely christmas gifts

  1. Wow– two shout-outs on the blog! We are so honored! Glad you could be a part of our day. We have to get together soon before we move back to B-more this summer!

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