I want my Ork!

Back in June, during my “iHeart New England/Boston/Rhode Island” Tour (woot woot to your kick-ass wedding, CK), I spotted this poster in CT’s apartment:

Boston, Ork Style

Boston, Ork Style

I was instantly mesmorized and obsessed. So I stalked it online (thank you, google), located the website, and added my name to the list to be notified when the Washington, DC version was completed.

Well, Internets, it’s completed and now I want one for my birthday (which is in a little under three weeks in case you were wondering). I think that I like the grey/white one the best, but I couldn’t locate a jpeg of that, so here’s the stock picture:

mind the watermarks

mind the watermarks

Still, they’re all kind of amazing…  And, imagine my delight to see that dooce listed the LA-version as one of the gifts on her Gift Guide 2008. It’s like Jesus himself came down and said, “Yep. You’ve got good taste, kiddo.”

Thank you Jesus, thank you dooce, and thank you Ork.


4 thoughts on “I want my Ork!

  1. What I didn’t mention is that it’s been sitting in a tube for the last month, waiting for a frame… That might be my birthday present to myself.

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