Yowza: Rochelle & David in the New York Times

On December 20, a dear friend of mine from high school got married to another friend of mine from college. The result? A picture-perfect wedding covered by the New York Times. What a beautiful, gorgeous, lovely, romantic wedding…

how romantic

(Photo: Robert Stolarik for The New York Times)

Here are the opening lines of the article:

SOME might call David Deckelbaum a true romantic, but he would probably laugh at the notion. He’s simply a man who knows what he wants. And he has wanted Rochelle Lichtman since the day they met.

Sigh. Be sure to read the full article because there’s a slide show included which will further melt your heart.

Between the NYT article and The Cobra’s play-by-play, it sounds like it was amazing! Mazal Tov, Rochelle and David!

UPDATE: My mom, upon viewing the pictures, said: “Those pictures are beautiful but Ebbitt [My dog. – Ed.] didn’t care for them.  He said – How can you have a fancy wedding like that without one dog?”


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