The year in lady-news

Broadsheet is a must-read for me. If you’re at all interested in women, politics and culture, you should check out this kick-ass Salon blog.

Today, on the eve of a New Year, I want to pimp their post on the Year In Broadsheet. It’s a quick must-read and reminded me of all we survived this year. Some interesting tid-bits:

What a year in lady-news. We watched Hillary Clinton make her historic bid for the White House (and then witnessed her ripped apart by rabid male pundits, called the C-word in a million different ways and otherwise attacked with sexism of the “Iron my shirt!” variety). We all, even Middle America, fell head over heels in love with Michelle Obama and watched the meteoric rise of the ladies of the nightly news.

And then there was Sarah Palin. We’ve written enough about the woman to last a lifetime, so I’ll simply offer up some free association: rape kits, abortion, teen pregnancy, Trig, hockey moms, “Nailin’ Paylin,” Saks Fifth Avenue, the country of Africa and — yes, God, thank youTina Fey.

Happy New Year’s Eve all. I’ll be celebrating by not celebrating… that’s how I roll. But I hope you enjoy whatever you might have planned, and I’ll see you in ’09.


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