walk it out fosse

Oh thank GOD I figured out why I was digging Beyonce’s Single Ladies music video so much. I was beginning to think I, gulp, liked her. Thankfully, NOT THE CASE.

I was reading last week’s Entertainment Weekly (thanks DF for the subscription) and noticed that Single Ladies was one of the best performances of 2008. I tried to be appalled, but I totally agreed. Beyonce brought it, no question, to her SNL and American Music Awards performances, and suddenly that annoying song that I never listened to on the radio was downloaded from iTunes and part of my daily walk to work.

Can you imagine how I tormented myself, knowing of my secret Beyonce-song stash? I was mortified. MORTIFIED.

Anyway, back to Entertainment Weekly. In the column, they mentioned that it was an homage to Walk it out Fosse – a YouTube sensation. And suddenly, the clouds parted, the angels sang, and I felt whole again. I effing LOVE Bob Fosse – not shocking considering my background in dinner theater and All That Jazz love – and should have realized sooner that Beyonce’s choreography was an homage to Fosse. Take a look at the Single Ladies video:

Pretty fun to watch, no? Don’t act like you haven’t tried to act that dance out in the privacy of your own home. Okay, take a look at Walk it Out Fosse:

Star, star, star, love, love, love. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW.

I don’t love Beyonce, as I’d feared. Instead, I am just loving Bob Fosse all over again.

The end.


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