seven readers on christmas day

I have off from my job until January 5 which is wonderful. I’m spending the majority of my time off at my mother’s house… a house that not only is without Internet access, but without computer.

I’ll let you digest that a moment.

Finished? Great. Let’s move on.

This explains why I haven’t blogged much over my holiday break, but I’m also wondering if this explains why only seven unique visitors – SEVEN – checked out my blog on Christmas Day. I don’t get mondo traffic, but I do get a decent amount for someone that writes in a schizophrenic way about her mostly-uneventful life and political views (with some pretty pictures thrown in to lessen the monotony).

But yeah – only seven people read it on Christmas Day. No big deal, but does this mean that most of my readers celebrate Christmas?

Or am I just bored and looking for something to analyse?



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