No Park Cafe Tonight

Park Cafe, Lincoln Park, DC, originally uploaded by Dan_DC.

Strike one for the Chileans… We were supposed to go to dinner at Park Cafe tonight to celebrate SC’s birthday.

FACT: SC and Christ share a birth date, isn’t that precious?

I was pretty psyched about it for the following reasons:

  • I got to get out of Dodge (read: Baltimore) for a night.
  • I was going to sample the food of my mother country (Park Cafe is a Chilean restaurant).
  • I love Park Cafe and went quite a bit when I used to live on the Hill.
  • I love the Escudo Rojo wine the owner gave me a bottle of on my 25th birthday.
  • I love celebrating birthdays, especially those that aren’t mine.

But the Chileans had other plans in mind and KC saw this coming. She didn’t really believe we had a reservation in the first place, but the rest of us ignored her cautionary tale. Fast forward to about 20 minutes ago when KC called to inform me that a water pipe broke and we will not, in fact, be dining at the Park Cafe after all.

Worse, still? They only figured this out by driving by the restaurant and noticing the fact that it was totes closed.

KC and SC were not impressed, and called me to let me know – as their official Chilean representative.

(I’m realizing this story is pretty lame at this point. My apologies.)

Thankfully, we’re a resourceful bunch, so we’re headed instead to one of my local favorites: Marvin. I love the moules frites at Marvin, and hopefully SC will too.

The end.


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