Michelle Obama brings it back to the basics

My goodness do I love Michelle Obama… and Mrs. O– a frivolous yet lovely blog I found – does nothing to lessen my Michelle-love.

I think this was taken in June of 2007 in New Hampshire, and I think I was there. HOT!

I think this was taken in June of 2007 in New Hampshire, and I think I was there. HOT!

So when I received the email below from the Obama campaign, I was psyched to read that it wasn’t an appeal for money in exchange of a hat/mug/calendar (seriously?! SERIOUSLY?!), but insteadย an encouragement to contribute to causes:ย 

Molly —

This holiday season, the grassroots movement you helped build can make a big difference for those in need.

I hope you will join me in supporting your favorite charity or contributing to causes that are especially meaningful to me and my family.

While many of us will spend the holidays counting our blessings and sharing dinner with loved ones, millions of people around the country won’t be so fortunate. Donating to your local food bank will help provide a holiday meal to people in your community who can’t afford one.

Talking with the families of deployed troops was one of the most rewarding experiences I had during the campaign. Giving to Operation USO Care Package is a great way to send members of our military stationed around the world a reminder that someone back home is thinking of them.

This is a time to celebrate our blessings, the new year, and a new era for our country. But it’s also a time to come together on behalf of those who need our help.

Do what you can to help today by locating your local food bank and giving your support:


Or send a care package to an American in uniform:


Thank you for all that you do and have a very happy holiday season,


Okay, okay, I know she didn’t actually write it, or even have much to do with it, but I love that this email was sent under her name anyway. People, inside-the-beltway if nowhere else, are all a buzz trying to speculate on how Obama will use his record-breaking email list now that he’s in the Oval Office… and I have to say –ย  if all the email stay like this, then I’ll be a happy girl.

What causes are you supporting at the end of this year? I’m supporting Kiva, natch, but I’d love to hear where you donate/volunteer in the comments below.


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