the christmas spirit

fruit cake

1. Eggnog, 2. 23. Yoghurt and Candied Fruit Cake

It seems like many people are down on the holidays this year – many always are, and others are down this year for economic, military, and personal reasons.

Me? I’m just oooozing with Christmas cheer, but it’s not the same this year and I feel that too. I wish I could change it, but I’m not sure how. I do know what won’t help: eggnog and fruit cake.

First off, let me say… BLECH.

Second, I’d like to ask you, Internets, who actually drinks and eats these foods? I mean truly loves to drink/eat these things? Eggnog flavored coffee drinks mos def do not count.

I suppose I could concede that more people drink eggnog as opposed to eat fruit cake. But do they do so willingly, or are pretending to drink the ‘nog and chew the fruit cake just another thing people pretend to do out of Christmas tradition?



4 thoughts on “the christmas spirit

  1. I admit, I LOVE(d) egg nog. Now I drink Soy Nog which I think is better because it is not slimy and thick.

    I HATE fruit cake. Except for the one my ex-boyfriend’s grandma made. I don’t know how that woman made fruit cake taste good, but it was yummy. I think it was because she used real fruit, not the canned waxy stuff.

  2. Ok people, this is getting bananas.

    Are you sure, SURE, that you/your family really likes these things, or just feels like you/they should because it’s seasonal and traditional?

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