catching up with my google reader

Internets: Tonight is a big night.

Tonight I finally, FINALLY finished catching up on all the blog posts in my google reader that have been languishing since my Martha’s Vineyard vacation. SUCCESS!

So what if it only took me 2 weeks and a couple of days?

Now I have many more ideas about what to blog, how to blog, and what I want my blog to look like in 2009. It’s exciting.

Have you ever been particularly proud of yourself for accomplishing an inane, insignificant task? Excellent. Share it with me below, por favor.

(Yikes… did someone say 2009? Shhhhhh. I’m not ready for that just yet.)


2 thoughts on “catching up with my google reader

  1. Ah Jen. You know I love you, but I’m fairly sure that finishing an eight-week running program (with a 10 minute mile to boot) is HARDLY an innane, insignificant task… are you kidding me? Congratulations!

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