iHeart Christmas Music

You should know that I’m in a bad mood today. I’ve actually been in a bad mood all week. Work is unusually busy, the weather is freaking out – plunging from 70 degress to 20 degrees back to 70 degrees like it ain’t no thang, and my body is responding with the requisit sinus headaches and infections.

But then I received the 2008 edition of A Very Piga Christmas (thank you T & P), popped that sucker into my cd player, and remembered how much I love Christmas. Since then, mollytics has been trying to get back to her happy place, and the transformation wasn’t complete until 47 minutes ago when I read fab feminist and found this:

A-mazing. It’s everything I love all in one: holiday songs (go Hannukah!), a cappella, dudes, and smart uniforms.

I think I might even pull out my Charlie Brown Christmas tonight and finish my holiday cards. Yes!


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