I think he looks like Charlotte's hubby.

I think he looks like Charlotte's hubby.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Via the Boston Globe:

Dustin Pedroia has collected his share of trophies and accolades this offseason, and this afternoon, the Red Sox’ little second baseman claimed the biggest individual honor of all.

Pedroia was named the American League Most Valuable Player today, becoming the first Red Sox player to earn the honor since Mo Vaughn in 1995. It is the 10th MVP award in club history. Minnesota’s Justin Morneau finished second, and Pedroia’s teammate, Kevin Youkilis, finished third.

“[The MVP] usually does go to a power hitter, and my job for the Red Sox is to get on base and score runs and do the little things to help our team win,” Pedroia said during an interview on sports radio station WEEI shortly after the announcement. “I’m not asked to drive in 100 runs or hit 30 home runs. That’s not my job. I can only stick to what makes me a good player . . . You don’t often see a top-of-the-order guy winning this award, so it’s definitely an honor for me to do that.”

The 25-year-old Pedroia, who became just the eighth player in AL history to earn MVP, Gold Glove, and Silver Slugger awards in the same season, emerged as a franchise cornerstone and an offensive force in his own right in his second full major league season.

You did good, Pedroia. You did good. Mama is proud.

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3 thoughts on “MVPedroia

  1. I’m so happy for him! The article I read announcing it included the hilarious phrase “Pedroia, who is generously listed as 5’9″ on the team’s roster…” He’s wee! It makes me love him more.

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