Life is a series of missed-cupcake opportunities

hello cupcake

hello cupcake

It figures that the day I have to leave work early for a doctor’s appointment, my boss buys cupcakes for his staff from Hello Cupcake. Le sigh. Such is my life. DC Striving reports:

I recently had one of the best cupcakes in my cupcake-tasting memory. I have a soft spot for Baked & Wired in Georgetown, but my boss brought Hello Cupcake! to work. I had the “You Tart!” cupcake and it was amazing. Perfect size (small, but not miniscule), icing (sweet, but not sickening), and flavor (tart and refreshing, but still a dessert). Now I have two go-to cupcake places, although I still like Baked & Wired’s location, and decor better!

You tart!

You tart!


Anyway, thanks to DC Striving, I now have a new flickr photostream to stalk follow. And I agree with KPD, my Hello Cupcake experience was fab, but I still prefer Baked & Wired.


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