Wake-Up Call: Holy Sh*t! It’s Election Day!

(Go vote. Then read my blog.)


  • After 670 days, 45 debates, and $2.5B spent, the “epic battle” between John McCain and Barack Obama “shifts to the nation’s true deciders” today — the voters (New York Daily News).
  • A “staggering” 130M people will head to the polls, but “long lines and a shortage of paper ballots” in crucial swing states — including FL, VA, NC, and OH — “could create electoral chaos” (New York Post).
  • In NC, NM, and CO, “the number of voters who have already cast their ballots has reached more than 70% of” the total number who voted there in ’04 — an influx that “seems to be favoring Obama” (Los Angeles Times).
  • Obama was the “big winner” in Dixville Notch, NH, early this a.m., defeating McCain 15-6 — the first time the town has backed a Dem since ’68 (New Hampshire Union Leader).
  • However, Obama cautioned against overconfidence in VA last night, telling a crowd of nearly 100K: “Even if it rains tomorrow, you can’t let that stop you. You’ve got to wait in line” (AP).
  • For a camp that has “tended to play down racial strategies,” Obama’s rallies yesterday in FL, NC, and VA “underscored the importance it is putting on black turnout” (Wall Street Journal).
  • Obama shed tears while discussing the death of his grandmother in NC yesterday, saying: “She has gone home, and she died peacefully in her sleep” (Charlotte Observer). In a statement last night, the McCains offered their “thoughts and prayers” (release).
  • A new Troopergate report, released yesterday by the AK Personnel Board, clears Sarah Palin “of any ethics violations” — directly contradicting earlier findings by the AK Legislature (Anchorage Daily News).
  • Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) “has been wearing his lucky red sweater” since McCain’s Peterborough, NH, “town hall meeting Sunday night” (“The Swamp“).
  • As a part of her Election Day tradition, Dem strategist Donna Brazile won’t shower or “worry about personal hygiene” until all of “the electoral votes are in” (“The Reliable Source“). [Gross. Please worry. – Ed.]
  • Any time anyone talks about an Obama victory, staffers in Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s office have taken to “frantically” searching for “a table, chair, anything” made of wood to knock on (Roll Call). [Sounds like my office. – Ed.]
  • “Very tough. Very smart. Thin ties. … Well-turned-out men. No sloppiness. Just work. … It will be zesty” — Chris Matthews, on what an Obama admin. would look like (“Daily Intel“). [TF, you might have to get a thin tie. – Ed.]
  • “Years ago, I taught Sarah how to field dress a moose. But tomorrow I want you to see her field dress a donkey” — Palin’s dad, hoping for the best (FoxNews.com).

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