Rachel Maddow, can we be friends?

Ben Stechschulte/Redux, for The New York Times

Take a look at her delicious library! I want.

I love, love, love Rachel Maddow and I was thrilled to learn she had her own show on MSNBC. I remember learning that she got it while I was at the Democratic National Convention, and then the next day, she was in The Big Tent. It was surreal.

So obviously I watch her show nightly (usually the 2 a.m. rebroadcast – I’ll be honest), but when I read this article in the NYTimes, my fascination/adoration developed into a full-blown crush. Take this exchange, from the Q & A, for example:

Her 190-mile commute: It’s an opportunity for me to turn my brain off. My apartment in New York is only 275 square feet. So just being able to stretch out is great.

Always in fridge: Champagne. I always keep a bottle, because you might need to celebrate at any moment, and a bunch of mustard, because I am a mustard person.

Procrastination technique: Cleaning. Writing makes me want to blow my head off. If I have a writing project due, I will clean everything around me as a way of avoiding putting pen to paper.

I love it! I’m a mustard person, too! I have a small apartment, too! I always keep a bottle of [cheap] champagne, too! I procrastinate by cleaning, too! (But I love to write, so we aren’t so similar there.)

Clearly my obsession with Rachel Maddow is making me giddy, but I don’t care. Read this quick, entertaining Q & A and if you have a second, check out some pictures that go along with it.

(Photo source: Ben Stechschulte/Redux, for The New York Times)


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