I need a new mouse pad

Seriously… I REALLY need a new mouse pad. Take a look at what I use now:

Yes. It's from Staples. I'm so ashamed.

Yes. It's from Staples. I'm so ashamed.

You can’t see me as I type this, but I’m really hanging my head down low. It’s embarrassing, isn’t it?

Agreed! So here’s your chance to help me out. I’m going to show you three options for new mouse pads I’m considering, and I’d love it if you vote for your favorite by letting me know in the comments below. Or, better yet, feel free to suggest another one. I can only tolerate searching on etsy, but there doesn’t seem to be much there. So any help you can add would be much appreciated.

And now, the contenders:



A: Juicy Lemons is by HBIC.



B: Orange Headband Doll is by timssally.


C: The Columbus Day Inspired Mouse Pad with Ships and Light Houses is by 3zart.

So, let me know what you think by voting in the poll. If you have a better option – and I seriously hope you do – please select “Other” and leave the link to your suggestion in the comments section!


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