Wake-Up Call: Palin will be on SNL tomorrow

  • In NH yesterday, Obama warned supporters “who are getting a little cocky,” saying: “I’ve got two words for you — New Hampshire” (Boston Herald).
  • McCain “grew impatient” last night when David Letterman “pressed him at length” about Sarah Palin‘s readiness, saying: “Have we pretty well exhausted this subject?” (AP).
  • After withdrawing from LA earlier this week, the NRSC plans to “pull out” of CO “by next week,” according to GOP sources (“Atlantic Online“).
  • The Palm Beach Post has rescinded its endorsement of Rep. Tim Mahoney (D), recommending that “he withdraw and that voters choose” atty Tom Rooney (R) instead.
  • It’s official: Palin “plans to appear” on “SNL” tomorrow night, according to “multiple sources” (CNN).
  • If McCain wins the WH, and NH “of course,” Meghan McCain “said she’ll tattoo ‘Live Free or Die’ somewhere on her body” — probably “on her wrist” (New Hampshire Union Leader).
  • Ralph Nader‘s camp “set up a 31-piece band to play before his arrival” at his rally across the street from the New York Stock Exchange yesterday (New York Times). [Why? – Ed.]
  • A 45-year-old man in St. Cloud, MN, was fined $183 for unlawfully dumping “small baggies of dog feces” into his neighbor’s truck because the neighbor had put “a 2-foot-by-4-foot McCain sign there” (AP).

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