DW does DC

photo courtesy of hannahcola

(take your minds out of the gutter… dirty, dirty people)

I’d like to be the first to (publicly, via their personal blog) congratulate DW for what’s sure to be a fantastic performance tonight at the DC Improv. Here’s a little background, for the three of you that read this blog and yet don’t know me personally (thanks for reading!):

For DW’s 30th birthday, a bunch of us gave her a gift certificate to take a stand up class at the DC Improv. She’s one of the funniest people I know, especially when she’s mocking me (which is more than you’d think), and this is something we needed to make happen. And since I’m all about making it happen (or at least I pretended to be earlier this year), I knew I had to help make it happen for her.

Well, success! DW’s “Graduation Showcase” is tonight: Wednesday, October 15th, at 8:00, at the DC Improv. She’s performing a 5-minute set that she’s meticulously perfected over 4 weeks of comedy school.  And trust me if you know DW, you know she is both meticulous in research and always thoroughly prepared.

So good luck, DW, and I can’t wait to see your performance. And no worries, LM – we’ll record the performance for prompt you-tube viewing. Hopefully DW will allow me to post it here. And by allow, I mean won’t object when I do it without asking. Sike. I’d never do that. Sike. I would.

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UPDATE: Yes, I know the third presidential debate is tonight, and I know that the season finale of Project Runway is tonight… but some things happen once-in-a-lifetime (though I’m certain this is the first of many stand-up performances), and some things can be Tivo’d and watched later.


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