Last Call: bathing in catfish tanks

  • Keeping up his criticism of McCain’s economic plans in Dayton, OH, Obama said the country can’t afford McCain’s “erratic and uncertain leadership in these uncertain times” (“Political Intelligence“).
  • “If you donate to Nader/Gonazlez by midnight tonight an amount that has the number three in it (three being the number of lemons in my mom’s hummus recipe),” hummus connoisseur Ralph Nader will email you said recipe (
  • “I hope my grandchildren end up being rich people so I get a window with a view when they put me in a home” — Joe Biden, on lifting up the middle class (“First Read“).
  • “I’ve bathed in a catfish tank” — Cindy McCain, who also reports she does actually drink Bud Light (Marie Claire).
  • “I call upon all Americans to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies, activities, and programs to honor our rich Nordic-American heritage” — Pres. Bush, proclaiming today “Leif Erikson Day” (“Countdown to Crawford“).
  • McCain-Palin deployed its secret weapon again today in Wisconsin, having Cindy McCain lash out against the treason committed by Brett Favre.
  • So far, Obama’s early debate prep consists of deciding whether it’s safe to ditch the flag pin.

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