Wake-Up Call: “that one” edition

  • At one point “that caught the attention of people in both parties,” McCain “appeared agitated” (New York Times) and “referred to Obama as ‘that one,’ without uttering his name” (Los Angeles Times).
  • Meanwhile, “with the stock market cratering another 500 points yesterday, McCain wasn’t able to achieve his most critical objective: changing the subject” (New York Daily News). Also, neither Obama nor McCain delivered “a knockout punch” — and McCain “needed one” (Politico).
  • For “the first time,” Sarah Palin “spent about a dozen minutes chatting with the press on her campaign plane” last night, reiterating that Obama’s connection with Bill Ayers raised questions about his “forthrightness” (“The Trail“).
  • It turns out that Palin is “tenth cousin to Princess Diana,” as well as “ninth cousin once removed” to Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Washington Post).
  • “It’s apparent that … McCain has some disdain, I think it’s fair to say, for … Obama” — Wolf Blitzer, picking that up (CNN).
  • At the WH yesterday, Michael Phelps said “his mom texted him that morning, asking him to say hello to” Pres. Bush for her. When he did, Bush said Debbie Phelps “reminded him of his” own mom (WJZ) — “plainspoken and full of love” (NBC10).
  • David Letterman: “The debate got off to an awkward start, when a confused John McCain said to Barack Obama, ‘May I call you Joe?'” (“Late Show”).

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