Last Call: In lieu of flowers, please vote Democratic

  • Pres. Bush signed a bill today giving VP Cheney “and future vice presidents six months of Secret Service protection after they leave office” (AP). [I’m thinking he’ll need more than six months, but that’s just me. – Ed.]
  • “If BS were currency, Palin could bail out Wall Street herself” — conservative columnist Kathleen Parker, calling on Palin to step down, “for your country” (National Review).
  • “In lieu of flowers, please vote Democratic” — the final line of stand-up comic Ken Swanborn‘s paid death notice, which the Chicago Tribune apparently “refused to publish” (“News Bites“).
  • In one last effort to lower expectations, Obama’s people tell us that he’s not yet mastered English, is partially deaf in one ear and will most likely only use nods and hand gestures tonight.
  • It’s OK, Sarah Palin — Katie Couric freaks us out, too.

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