Last Call: See! Twitter is[n’t] for losers, Timmy!

  • “Now I know why a lot of America is crazy about you” — Pakistani Pres. Asif Ali Zardari, “gushing” upon meeting with Palin today (National Journal/NBC).
  • “Of course she doesn’t have that” — Laura Bush, asked about Palin’s foreign policy experience, then adding that Palin is “a very quick study” (“Political Ticker“).
  • “I won’t comment on every random tweet out there” — Rep. Marsha Blackburn‘s (R-TN) spokesperson, after some guy on Twitter saw Blackburn’s “teeth in a photo” and wondered if she’s a smoker (Nashville Post blog).
  • Bob Barr is planning to hold a “live counter-debate” in DC Friday night at which he’ll respond to McCain, Obama and Jim Lehrer “in real time” (Reason). We hope his dates are flexible.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, the award for Besting The Other Guy at Lowering Expectations goes to…
  • Meanwhile, Obama writes to us from debate camp that he’s having fun reading scary stories around the campfire, but he’s only allowed to use the gym twice a day and he has to sneak across the lake at night to see his adoring fans.
  • Palin gained even more foreign policy experience after riding in an NYC taxi today.
  • An early draft of Bush’s economic address calls on Americans to “go window-shopping for nice things you can’t afford, we’ve got this.”
  • “This is important stuff. This isn’t a television show” — first-up moderator Jim Lehrer, on presidential debates (SHNS, 9/24).

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