A Martha’s Vineyard Mosaic

… because I cannot get enough of this mosaic-making tool.

1. on the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, 2. Black Dog Sailboat, 3. Graeter’s Ice Cream, 4. the main hub in Edgartown, 5. Whale and Flag in Edgartown, 6. Gingerbread houses by the water, 7. Gatsby House and Tents, 8. ceremony, 9. In Marc’s words, “you’ve gotta be kidding me.”

I know I’ve been Martha’s Vineyard heavy, so this is (probably) my last Martha’s Vineyard post. But never say never.

Be sure to check back later today, because I have a great promotion contest for Wilco lovers… with an actual real-life prize!


One thought on “A Martha’s Vineyard Mosaic

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