no jury duty for me

Did I forget to mention? No jury duty for me. Just this lousy juror tag, that was sadly unable to reach its full potential…

admit it. that little dude is cute.

Why this picture? Well, I was cleaning my apartment tonight, and I found the discarded tag on top of some mail (from an etsy purchase that came all the way from sunny Sweden!) . It brought back so many memories of what could have been – I wanted j-duty SO BAD – that it instantly made me sad… until I saw that little dude on the envelope next to it. And suddenly all was good again. So I snapped a picture to share.

Also, on another totally random topic: Why do I feel compelled to clean my apartment from head to toe before leaving on a trip? It’s annoying the crap out of me, which is likely why it’s midnight and I’m just getting to the actual packing of the bag.

Martha’s Vineyard, here I come… Have I mentioned I love New England?

(Posting will be light until Monday. I’m sorry for any distress this may cause.)


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