Wake-Up Call: awkward edition

  • Palin “had a private tanning bed installed in the Governor’s Mansion in Juneau,” but “she paid for it with her own money” (US Weekly). [Umm, ok. -Ed.]
  • “The illustrations were the hardest for me. How do you illustrate your father being tortured?” — Meghan McCain, on the “toughest part” of writing a children’s book (“LKL”).
  • “Farragut North” — a play inspired by ex-Hillary Clinton spokesperson Jay Carson — “is being developed for a film” reportedly starring Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney” (“The Caucus“).
  • Stephen Colbert, on McCain saying the economy is fundamentally sound: “We still exchange currency. We have not reverted to a barter system. Although, I believe Bank of America bought Merrill Lynch for two goats and a bushel of oranges” (“Colbert Report”).

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