Last Call: A case of the funnies

  • Obama aides laid out his “comprehensive strategy to target female supporters” in a conference call today. The plan includes an “intense focus on McCain’s opposition to equal pay legislation;” sending out “prominent female surrogates to serve as political ‘ambassadors’;” and “limiting focus” on Sarah Palin (“Huffington Post“). [That’s news to me. – Ed.]
  • “Let me tell you, instead of borrowing my lines he needs to borrow some of my ideas” — Obama, on McCain ripping off his change theme (AP).
  • “SNL” was so jazzed that they got Tina Feyto play Palin, that they momentarily forgot they still don’t have a black guy to play Obama.
  • Palin finally understood the meaning of the Bush Doctrine on Friday afternoon when all her friends were subpoenaed.

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