Mollytics’ Five Bites on Friday!

I was super excited to learn that my “Five Bites” were published today. For those of you not following the DC food scene, let me give you a quick overview. Metrocurean (a regular serving of epicurean news from the nation’s capital) runs a weekly spot called Five Bites:

Five Bites is a weekly opportunity for Metrocurean readers to share the dishes and drinks they’re enjoying around town.

I always read these because it’s so interesting to find out what people love to eat and where people love to dine. And then, it dawned on me… why don’t I submit my own? And voila! My five bites were born:

This week’s Five Bites are from Molly (at right), who occasionally blogs, enjoys spicy food and fizzy water, and aspires to be the next Anthony Bourdain.

1. Ceviche and lamb tacos at Guajillo

2. Taco de chapulines (grasshopper tacos) at Oyamel

3. Rellenitos de platano macho (plantains stuffed with black beans) and mole negro Oaxaqueรฑo (black mole) at Casa Oaxaca

4. Slow braised pork shank feijoada at Ceiba

5. Coconut curry mussels and frites with ketchup, wasabi-mayonnaise and curry-mayonnaise at Marvin.

Well, what do you think? Do you agree, disagree, detest my faves? You know I’m dying to know…

7 thoughts on “Mollytics’ Five Bites on Friday!

  1. Love the food choices, haven’t tried them all but of those listed they are great. Tacos de chapulines have to be my faves though

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