Sarah Palin: Not My Gal

From Nerdette (whom you might remember from a previous post):

I’m sick of the polls and the spin.  Enough!

I vlogged my friends the other night, and we started the first post of
“Not My Gal”, where they said in their own words why Gov. Sarah Palin
does not speak for them.

At the end of the day, what moves a voter is someone real, reaching out to
them and talking to them.  I think if we can get enough people (women
AND men) talking about why Sarah Palin is not their choice – and issue
that are important to them, we can shine some light on what’s really
going on in people’s hearts and minds.  Without spin.

So let’s do that, IN OUR OWN WORDS!

We’re trying to get 1,000 responses (the same as a national poll
sample, take that, pollsters) by next week.

Please pass this forward and please post a video response.


Once I get over my issues with putting my voice out there, I’m going to post my video reply. You should too. This is exactly the kind of messaging and fighting back we need to hit McCain-Palin with!

What do you think? Share!

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