Baked & Wired

On Saturday, I tried Baked & Wired and I am ready to proclaim that it is the best bakery in DC. Easy. The display, atmosphere, and OMFG the phig newtons and red velvet cupcakes… to die for. And totes worth braving Hurricane Hanna[h] Montana for. I wanted to kick myself for not having my camera, so I google image searched for it and found this:

white hot

white hot

Accept Except for the people behind the counter, it looks very much the same as what I saw today, which satisfies me, for now. Thankfully, they (the source of the picture above) had a whole flickr set of their visit… so hop on over and take a look if you’d like to see more.

It’s clear that I’ll just have to grab KP and head back another day… this time to try an apple crisp. Until then,  do yourself a favor and have a cupcake today. They are healthier and cheaper than heroin. Seriously.

(Photo source)


3 thoughts on “Baked & Wired

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  3. I’ve been reading a lot about this bakery. Shame I’m the other side of the Atlantic with no reason to pop over that way…
    Sounds fabulous!
    I’m enjoying looking more into the baking world through your blog.

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