Last Call: it’s convention time, stupid

  • “I actually think it’s completely fair for the media to vet Sarah Palin” — McCain nat’l co-chair Meg Whitman, not helping (“TPM“).
  • “It’s probably a very bad joke, but I left part of me here in Ft. Myers. … They have my gall bladder” — Joe Biden, being Joe Biden (NBC/National Journal).
  • For a twist on the old convo-watch drinking game, try taking a swig every time Rudy Giuliani isn’t talking about 9/11 tonight.
  • While you’re listening to her tonight, Palin just knows you’re going to be thinking about one of the other VPs you could have had.
  • We hear tonight’s staging will feature a collapsible wedding chapel that will rise out of the stage at the touch of a button.

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