DC’s Burrito Cart Returns

Oh thank the good lord! Pedro and Vinny’s is back. The best burrito cart in the world certainly in DC is back, and I’m a mere two blocks from the spicy goodness. Says WhereInDC:

While we don’t know why he’s returning (he says it’s a long story), but that this time, his family is coming with him.  Will that mean Mrs. Pedro & Vinny’s and mini-Pedro & Vinny’s will be in the cart too?  Ha ha…regardless, I’m excited to see him back!

To get more information, check out his new Web site.  I can’t wait to get my burrito…I hope I didn’t throw away my burrito cards!

I love them so much, I will forgive them for their lame-o, cheese-o website and focus on how good it’s going to taste when I take my first bite. I’m literally salivating, just thinking about it.

And what a charming “about us” section they have on said website:

John Rider, owner of Pedro and Vinnys was from Riverside, NJ and now resides in Northern VA. outside of Washington DC.

Rider worked at various hotels, country clubs and restaurants, reaching the level of executive chef at several venues.

Years as a vendor: Almost ten, including six as the proprietor of Pedro and Vinny’s 15th and K street.

The pledge: Nothing frozen, nothing canned. Rider goes through 20 pounds or more of FRESH tomatoes, pounds of dried black beans, and a whole bunch of dried pintos daily.

Burritos sold per day: About 130 in the cold months, about 200 in spring and summer, and this is growning rapidly.

Assembly rate: 40 seconds a burrito.

Distinctive touch: Rider’s housemade mango habanero hot sauce is the most popular sauce at the cart. The other sauces range from one to ten. One being mild and 10 being extremely hot. At any given time there are about 40 hot sauces to choose from.

Freebies*: Tortilla chips for snacking and hot-sauce taste testing, York peppermint patties (right below the plastic cutlery) for dessert.

*Entertainment of watching John is FREE also 🙂

Can’t wait! Does anyone know the exact date it’ll open?


4 thoughts on “DC’s Burrito Cart Returns

  1. Hey Molly — Wanted to let you know today is John’s first day back on the burrito cart. Good to see others are excited as I was!

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