A Thrify September

Money Saving Tips

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Happy September everyone! We’ve had an auspicious start, what with the Gov. Palin nomination, Hurricane Gustav, and the low that surely follows the close of every historic convention, but the first nasty day is done and gone, so I have high hopes for what is to come.

I know I talk a big game, but when it really comes down to it, I mostly suck at follow-through on some most of my grandiose ideas. It’s a very bad habit, but I would argue it’s not quite as bad as not calling people back, not answering my phone, not listening to voice mails, etc. Maybe you’d disagree.

Either way, back to the reason for this blog post: I’ve decided to take September off and not spend any extraneous money.

Bold statements from the girl who hardly ever brings her lunch to work and who practically runs to a bar post-work. But perhaps my statement is aΒ tad misleading.Β I’ll still uphold my previously-made commitments (one wedding and two engagement parties, etc.), but that’s really it. And I don’t really think those count, since I’ve already dropped the coin for those… right?

I’m not going to meet anyone for dinner, eat lunch out, GO TO CARIBOU pre-work (this one will be hard), meet friends for post-work drinks, go see movies, go shopping (online and in real life), or anything “extra” that I do all the time.

Why? Well, I wanna see if I can save money. I wanna see if I can actually stick to this. I wanna know where my willpower and discipline stand. Besides, I can still meet friends and do things, just nothing that involves spending money. I can bring a bottle of wine to a friend’s house, but I can’t buy a new one to bring. You catch my drift?

It’s just for the month of September. I need to reset my clock, my spending-habits, and my mindset so I’m in a better position for the rest of 2008… and I dare say I’m kinda looking forward to it.

One day down, 29 to go.


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