what’s in your bag, baby?

I always get jealous of my favorite design *inspiration* blogs when they share snapshots of what’s in their handbags/beach bags/lady bags because it always looks so glamorous and inspiring. I want to be that creative so desperately, it makes my heart ache. LAME! But true.

Yesterday, after flying from BWI to DIA in a chaos-filled trip beginning at 4 a.m. and ending about twenty hours later, I dumped out my carry-on and was impressed with myself. I’ll admit it. I had the prettiest looking contents (in my humble opinion)Β so I quickly arranged them in a more viewer friendly arrangement. Voila:

I'm adorable, but a designer, I'm not.

I'm adorable, but a designer I am not.

Β Please note the room keys in the bottom right corner. I’ll blog about those later because I’m in love.

So, what’s in your bag, baby?


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