Last Call: Let the Countdown to the Convention begin

  • “At high altitude your body processes alcohol more slowly. One glass of wine will hit you like three” — Last Call! e-mail, revving us up for Denver.
  • We can’t wait much longer for Obama to text us — we’ve already broken up with him in our minds and then taken him back again about eight times now.
  • Then again, if Obama really is “The One,” he may not name a running mate at all.
  • In what may be a bit of a gamble, Rudy Giuliani‘s keynote address will be delivered at a frequency only Florida’s delegates can hear.
  • “This convention in Denver is one is which people well known and people not as well known will come together across party lines, across geographic divides, because they believe in change” — Obama’s camp (AP, 8/20).
  • “I realized that while two people from two entirely different countries and backgrounds may seem to have nothing in common, the only thing they might have in common is me” — David Hasselhoff, on starting up “HoffSpace” (, 8/20).

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