A Perfect DC Day: LM graduates! (in May ’09)

(My apologies if the title of this blog post means nothing to you. You’ll just have to trust me that it’s probably the funniest thing you’ve read all day. And it’s most likely the funniest thing you’ll read all week.)

You may have picked up on the fact that I had a stinktastic week last week. Maybe it was my total lack of blog posts. Maybe it was the entry where I implied, incorrectly to DW’s dismay, that I changed my own flat tire. Either way, for reasons I don’t need to get into right now, last week stunk. I went into a self-imposed quarantine which basically means that I didn’t answer my phone, texts, or emails all weekend. And while I never usually answer my phone, texts or emails… this was different. This time, I let it be known that I wanted to be left the rock alone, and thankfully (for them!) my friends obliged.

Of course it meant missing this weekend’s Counting Crows concert @ Nissan (ahhh, such good memories), but I was in a dark place that even Adam Duritz couldn’t get me out of.

beautiful, beautiful man

beautiful, beautiful man

Those eyes, that voice, those lyrics, that face… uhh, where was I? Oh yes, deep-dark-festering funk that even Adam Duritz couldn’t get me out of. Suffice to say, things were not going my way (though I did enjoy dinner, JT & AS and RL!).

Saturday involved Mission: Tire which is too boring to write out, but it also involved a quick lunch with Mom in Alexandria (Eamonn’s was yum) and a play-by-play of the fish-nibbling pedicure.

Sunday, involved FINALLY securing two new tires (’cause you can’t buy just one), and then the best day I’ve had in a long time. Why? Well, when the good Lord closes the door he opens a window (or punches his fist through the wall to let the dang sun shine in). At least, that’s what I learned in The Sound of Music.

In other words, it was LM’s last night in DC (remember the last one?) before heading back to Duke (!) so we had to do it up. Which, thankfully, doesn’t involve make-up, proper showers, or massive planning. What it did involve was:

Not a party-pic by Danielle

Not a party-pic by Danielle

TANGYSWEET: Gotta love pinkberry’s twin, tangysweet. Obviously we had to stop here post our Dupont Circle people watching. We scored an invite to a private party on Tuesday (too bad I’ll be seeing the Sox play the O’s) and LM stole some honey. This ain’t no Mr. Yogato, LM!

A ride home turned into dinner at RED ROCKS in Columbia Heights. It was on my list, so I was delirious with anticipation. Evidently, I was also delirious with my inability to understand that LM and RZ are not, in fact, morons. For instance, they know what a vegetarian is – I didn’t even have to explain (even though I did). I’d like to blame it on the wine, but we hadn’t yet received ours yet.

three white wines, all different flavors

three white wines, all different flavors

Then came our fabulous etsy conversation. First of all, if you haven’t yet visited etsy, stop what you’re doing and check it out now because unless you’re TF or ‘dead inside’ (mutually exclusive?), you’ll love it. This was the first time LM had heard of it, so I felt it necessary to educate her on the finer points of etsy:

* Ok, so… etsy is a store where you shop… like you can shop there. It’s like a grocery store, and you can buy things. But, you know, they’re not all made by the same person.

* You see, everything is handmade, which means – oh wait! I guess I don’t have to explain that to you… what the rock is wrong with me today?!

* Emailing support will not, in fact, help you get that Poodles for Obama button you have you eye on.

* Dogcoatlady hasn’t been making canine couture in a while… in case you were wondering

Clearly, it was necessary for me to drop such valuable knowledge. LM and RZ are better off because of it. I know for a fact because LM promptly went home and dropped $17 bones on said buttons. Sucker. (Though I’m not going to deny the fact I own a shih tzu for Obama button… even if my shih tzu is a Hillary supporter.)

mollytics is still mildly obsessed with arugula/rocket!

mollytics is still mildly obsessed with arugula/rocket!

Dinner also included the following discussions:

MJ: Is is possible that he got bigger?
LM: Maybe you just got smaller.

Pollster: It’s like women’s liberation, or civil rights (probably talking about a woman’s right to use etsy)

Obama’s latest hire is a dead-beat dad.

When is a dress like that EVER appropriate?

Finally, the crafty-bastard (otherwise known as LM) paid the tab on the downlow, and we headed for home. All in all, the perfect way to spend a day and send off LM for her 2nd AND FINAL year of grad school. Woot woot.

*** BTW, this time last year, I was totes into Helioplex (again, thanks to LM), Hillary Clinton, professional wine drinking, and bacon. So basically, some things never change.


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