The Tu-Tu Sessions with Chuck, Bailey, and Ebbitt

I’ve spent a lot of time doting on the best blog ever: dooce. I just can’t help it – it’s all that I want in a blog: design, art, sarcasm, kids, and humor. Lots of dry, sarcastic humor. Anyway, dooce as a “Daily Chuck” section where they take a picture of their dog, Chuck, and post it… daily. See how that works? Oy – I’m severely underselling how awesome and entertaining these pictures are, but please do take a moment to check them out. If you aren’t dead inside, you’ll love them. Case in point:
(Photo courtesy of dooce)

I supposed I liked the picture above so much because it reminded me of my dog and my mom’s dog (Ebbittand Bailey, respectively). My dear mother, bless her, dresses these poor dogs up and then takes pictures. Clearly, the quality doesn’t even warrant a comparison to dooce, but you know… same idea. 

(Photo courtesy of me!)

Please note how Ebbitt, the shih tzu, is all, “I may be blind, but I’m not dumb. Now take the picture and let’s get me out of this.” And Bailey, the bichon frise, is all, “I’m so pretty! Love me! Photograph me!”


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