Radiohead-rain ridiculousness: rain or shine edition

Much has been written about Radiohead‘s show at Nissan Pavilion yesterday. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, but I also don’t want to let this go by without commenting. I feel equal parts outraged and enthralled by the night I had… but now I know I should just be thankful that I even got to see the show. But I’m clearly getting ahead of myself.

So, like I’ve mentioned a couple hundred times before, The Cobra* (don’t ask) and I went to see Radiohead yesterday during what has been described as “a late spring Nor’easter of historic proportions.” Sh*t yeah it was. But The Cobra and I are hard-core fans, or so I willed myself to believe. Little did I know how much I was going to have to call on this will to keep from fainting/freezing/passing out.

Admittedly, we got a late start. Which was silly because I’ve been to Nissan a couple hundred times before, and I know what a cluster-f*ck it can be always is. But, part of me wanted to remain within the relative warmth and dryness of my apartment as long as possible. Plus, The Cobra took a late train down from a 17-hour jaunt in NYC, so he was running late. But really, folks – who I am to judge those that are running late? Exactly.

So we got a late start, but we had food, drink, and good conversation (which I dominated with my only-child rants and tantrums – oops). Still, 2.5 hours into what should have been our 40 minute journey from 16 and U, we were both getting frustrated (and we both had to use the facilities). Turns out we weren’t the only ones. Yet we did make it to the show half way into Radiohead’s third song (I think. I’m basing this on my foggy memory of which song I think was playing when I dragged my already-soaking butt up the hill to the mud-covered “lawn.” I checked the set lists on-line, and confirmed my suspicions.)

The Cobra and I hauled a*s from car to the lawn, and I’d just like to point out that his legs are like three times the length of mine – so it’s a minor miracle that I was able to quasi-keep up. By the time we got to a place where my vertically-challenged self could see the stage (which had no supporting side screens b/c they aren’t “green” enough for Radiohead or because it would ruin the “experience”) to use – another funny observation from a group who is noted, and rightfully so, for their commitment to green practices), I was soaked to my skin. All 4 layers. Even my rain boots had rain in them. And I thought I was being so dang smart.

Chica Tip #9: Waterproof can sometimes really just mean: water-resistant-until-confronted-with-Nor’easter-and-then-it’s-just
another-layer-of-plain-old-clothing. This chica knows that lesson well now.

But then there was the band, Radiohead. Glorious, glorious Radiohead. Magical, magnificent, transcendent, hypnotic Radiohead. They were incredible. They played forever, and played an incredible set list. They apologized for the fact that people were turned away from the concert due to flooding, and played Fake Plastic Trees for them. I know it sounds trite, but standing there (without feeling in my fingers, legs, or face), it was calming. The Cobra and I felt like we were at some sort of spiritual retreat. Some sort of “come to Radiohead” meet-up. And we were happy to oblige, despite the diagonal torrents of rain piercing my right cheek (face, not butt).

Rain at Radiohead

Photo via DCist, courtesy of (hanvnah)

The encores were incredible, but by the end, no amount of dancing, swaying, or transcending could beat the fact that I no longer felt my fingers or feet. So when The Cobra and I ran back to the car, I didn’t feel a thing. In fact, I’m pretty sure I was floating. Luckily we had a change of clothes, and another two hours of waiting to get out of the parking lot.

But I said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m thankful I was actually allowed into the venue, that I got to park the car, and see Radiohead, because I know many people were not so lucky. I feel a little like one of my fav DC bloggers (The Anti DC) feels: sleepless [and] in shambles. I went to bed far too late, froze for far too long, and haven’t yet warmed up. But it was good. It was sooooo good. And Radiohead’s Reckoner, 15 step, and Videotape have been on repeat all (rainy) day.

I think I left some big pieces out, but I fell asleep three times just trying to get this down, so this will have to end of this clusterf*ck of a concert-going experience.

The end.

* RP asked for this codename. I don’t ask questions, I just do what I’m told.


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