Ellen Plays Hardball with Hillary Clinton…

… Molly plays hardball with her cackling laugh. Seriously, my laugh in the video below is enough to make me never want to laugh again. EVER.

Anyway, last night I went to see Hillary Live! – a HRC fundraiser at GWU – and it was obviously tons of fun. But I’m a Hillary supporter, so was I really not going to like it? I don’t think so. A definite highlight was Ellen DeGeneres’ surprise live appearance via satellite. That’s the YouTube video above. And it’s getting mad hits, thanks to Perez Hilton and Towelroad!

So yeah, what are other bloggers saying about it? Well, it’s not all sunbeams and chocolate sauce (I had to go there), but it’s still fun to read:

From Perez Hilton himself (it’s totes my pic and my YouTube video… loves it): Oprah Winfrey has lent her support to Barack Obama. And, now…. Ellen DeGeneres is tossing her hat into the political ring as well! The funnywoman joined Hillary Clinton via satellite on a campaign stop Monday night. Click here to check out Ellen’s appearance. SO funny!

From Wake-Up Call: Ellen DeGeneres made an unannounced satellite appearance at HRC’s GW fundraiser last night, where the two discussed the merits of a presidential ban on glitter (“The Swamp“).

Also from Wake-Up Call: Meanwhile, a smattering of GW frat boys stood outside HRC’s fundraiser last night, with one holding an Obama sign, and another holding a homemade “Bros before Hos” poster (Wake-Up Call! reporting).

And from Ellen’s website: Ellen was full of surprises Tuesday. Here she interrupts one of Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign stops to ask Hillary about the big issue that has divided America for too long, “glitter or no glitter?”

From Politico’s Ben Smith: My colleague Beth Frerking reports that Hillary took questions from Ellen DeGeneres, via teleconference, at a rally tonight at George Washington University.Said Ellen, after rowdy applause from the student audience: “I have some tough questions for you if you don’t mind.”

From Towelroad: Ellen DeGeneres appeared on screen at a Hillary Clinton fundraising rally at George Washington University in D.C. last night. DeGeneres jokingly asked Clinton whether or not she would promise a ban on glitter. Clinton said she would ban it for those over the age of 12. Said Ellen: “That’s what I like about you. You have solutions.”


From Huffington Post: I liked what I saw of Hillary tonight, she was poised and smooth, a real pro, as expected. But she really needs to display all her courage, brains and heart for the Ohio debate. The hourglass is running out fast.

UPDATE 2: The NEW MOViN 92.5 embedded my YouTube video. This is so much fun for me, so I’m sorry for boring you all, but it’s the first time I’ve gotten readers that aren’t my friends which I force to read my blog!


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