2007: See Ya Later Sucka

Odd-numbered years tend to not be my best years**. All of the peskier parts of my life have occurred in ’89, ’01, ’03, etc. So, while it’s mostly in my head, I just love even numbered years… they give me hope. And hope, if you haven’t heard, is a big theme this year. Just ask Obama.

So, I know it’s a bit late, but here are my resolutions for 2008. I do hope you enjoy:

  2. Emulate Anthony Bourdain whenever possible.
  3. Don’t emulate the smoking habit of Anthony Bourdain.
  4. Read more books. Lots more.
  5. Become a real Chilean (aka speak fluent Spanish)
  6. Answer my phone when it rings.
  7. Return calls when I legit miss them.
  8. Learn to cook.
  9. Learn to love.
  10. Play scrabble like the bad-ass I know I am.
  11. Eat more fruit.
  12. Drink less Diet Coke.
  13. Try, try hard, to enjoy Pittsburgh.

With a lot of these… I got a head start in 2007, which makes me v. happy. The rest of them… we’ll have to see how it goes.

** That’s putting it mildly.


4 thoughts on “2007: See Ya Later Sucka

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