Live Free or Die (tryin’): NH Primary Day

Unless you’re completely tuned out, you probably heard that Obama and Huckabee won the Iowa Caucuses for the Democrats and Republicans, respectively. I can’t say anything better than what’s already been said, but suffice to mention that it’s clear that, at least in Iowa, the people want change. Any hint of experience seems to be detrimental to a candidate.

Yes, I support Hillary – but it’s important to mention that no matter who wins the Dem nomination… she/he has my vote. So an Obama win wasn’t bad to me, necessarily. It just made me a little sad. Of course, I then remembered – courtesy of Obama’s kick-ass speech – how incredible it would be to have a president who inspired again… and all was well.

And here we are today, the day of the New Hampshire primary. The first primary in the nation. I didn’t sleep well, and my dreams were all electorally oriented. If this makes me uncool, I totes accept it.

I know pols are predicting a double-digit lead for Obama over Hillary, but I’m not sold. He certainly has Obamomentum, for now, but how many of these Independents will choose the Democratic ballot over the Republican? Either way, Hillary is not down, she’s not out, and she can still win this thing… so I stand firm for my candidate.

Do you have thoughts? Analysis? Share them in the comments.

(And don’t you DARE get me started on “Hillary is weak because she cried” because I will slap you. Hard. Dang double standards.)


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