Happy Caucus Day, Iowa!

I don’t want to write too much about how today is THE MOST EXCITING DAY I’ve endured in 2008 (true story), but I couldn’t let it go by without acknowledging today… it’s CAUCUS DAY! I’m so nervous, I could hardly sleep last night.

Most of you know that, while I totally support all of the democratic candidates, I’m totes Team Hillary. Loves her. I can’t believe that we’re thisclose to figuring out who the democratic nominee will be! (I heard this is the same for the Republicans, but I couldn’t care less.)

Also, LM is back in the District, and that can only mean shiny-happy things for Iowa… right?
Tell me: Who do you support? Who is your candidate? Leave it in the comments section, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s wrap-up.

3 thoughts on “Happy Caucus Day, Iowa!

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