shiny happy mj

Ever have one of those days when, no matter how much shit you’re dealing with, you’re just happy? The kind of happy where dorky smiles creep up on your face and you can’t stop singing Disney musicals?

Yeah – me neither. But today I came pretty d_mn close (that was for you, RZ). In theory, while I have my health, my employment, shelter, food, family… I don’t have that much to be super psyched about. Life just is – and while that’s nice, that ain’t the cat’s pajamas. Or dog’s tuxedo… which ever way you roll (that was for you, DW). In short, status quo was getting tired. Plus, I’ve been sick and crabby.

And yet still – today was a pretty shiny happy day. Me thinks it’s because of this, brought to my attention by dooce (the best dang blog there is).


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