Juana Marisol Chileno Barbaron

Okay, here we go. I’m obsessed with the magnificence that is Kiva – I’m sure most of you know that already (it’s made the forecast for julio y agosto!)… Well, earlier this week, I learned that one of my loans had been fully paid back (way to go María Eugenia Rivas Pérez) and so instead of cashing out (which I was mildly tempted to do, due to a severe cash-flow problem), I went searching for my next loan recipient.

And then, I found her: Juana Marisol Chileno Barbaron. I chose her because her middle name has “Chile” in it. And better yet – I was to be her first lender. Bueno!

Doesn’t she look friendly?

So blah, blah, blah I was going to put her banner in here and request that you, my dear readers, make an investment in this woman’s work but, you know… my actual work picked up. So it’s only now, a mere hour and 20 minutes after my initial donation, that I checked back and Juana has totally raised all the money she needed!

This is plantains!

I’m telling you guys… Kiva is the bomb. Do anything and everything you can do to support them.


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