“My God, My Country, My Republican Party”

They have the internet in the south?

Yeah! Turns out they do! Awesome, right? You know what else Durham, North Carolina has? BISCUITVILLE!

Wasting away in Biscuitville

This is a real place in North Carolina. I don’t jest.

So I’m currently in Durham right now, visiting the one and only LM (formerly of DC status), and I’m having a North-Carolina-riffic time. Want a highlight? You got it.

My State Fair is a great state fair

Today at the North Carolina State Fair (yes, I went to the fair), we obviously saw a ton of stickers which read, “My God, My Country, My Republican Party.” Not to be outdone by the simpleminded sloganry of the NC GOP, LM turned to me and said, “My Abortion, My Same-Sex Marriage, My Democratic Party.”


(Go Sox.)


2 thoughts on ““My God, My Country, My Republican Party”

  1. I probably should not admit this, but we went to Biscuitville for lunch at least once a week when I was in high school (obvi BEFORE I went veggie!) I still love the Sweet Tea!

    Not everything in the south is bad . . . although I did leave. πŸ™‚

  2. I forgot to mention, that my college football games were held right next door to the state fair grounds. Yes, we parked in the cow pasture for our pre-game antics.

    I am sure LM is having the time of her life down there in the good ole south. πŸ™‚

    Tell her I said hi!

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