“I just saw Lo’s Britney”

Now THIS is why iHeart The Hills… because by just reading the title of this blogpost, you know exactly what I’m talking about, without any background. In other words… the post writes its damn self. Lovely.
This show just keeps getting better and better… and it’s showing no signs of stopping. I only wished they’d give me an hour each night, instead of a measly 1/2 hour. Come on, MTV – I can take it!

Lo is DEAD! I love that girl… and every. single. syllable. that. comes. out. of. her. mouth.

But sound off, kids… tell me what YOU think!


3 thoughts on ““I just saw Lo’s Britney”

  1. In any other episode I’d be right there with you. But, gotta give all my Hills love from last night to Elodie. She really is my hero.

    Sure, craptastic Heidi, I’ll help you so you can go to fricking Don Antonio’s tomorrow. J/K. I don’t work here anymore.

    If only I’d thought of doing that last week.

  2. OMG Jen… I only wish you had. Could you imagine?

    You’re right… I forgot the brilliance that is Elodie! I mean, she went from being milque toast to total bitch and I couldn’t heart her more for it.

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