“Our little Tracy’s too busy ratting her hair and doing the ‘Ubangi Stomp.'”

My nightmare, realized: The Hair-Raising Truth: Up To 80% Locks Of Love Donations Thrown Away, Sold

… [Locks of Love has] been less successful at finding a use for the mountains of hair sent to them as a result. As much as 80 percent of the hair donated to Locks of Love, the best known of the charities, is unusable for its wigs, the group says… Even hair that survives the winnowing may not go to the gravely ill, but may be sold to help pay for charities’ organizational costs.

Check it.

Remember when I freaked the eff out about whether-or-not my 11 inches of hair actually made it to Locks of Love? Okay, granted, I thought my long locks of beautiful hair (referred to by some as horse hair *cough, JG, cough*) were in a dumpster somewhere or, at best, lining a new bird’s nest, but still…

Good thing I will never have the nerve to cut off that much hair again.


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