“Ha, ha – they’re all gonna die.”

(picture courtesy of Jezebel)

Oh dear. It seems that little boy McDermott should have read my post on those vile crocs …perhaps he’d have two big toenails, instead of one:

Jodi McDermott and her 4-year-old son, Rory, have a warning for young wearers of a certain popular shoe: Beware of Crocs on the escalator. McDermott, of Vienna, blames the colorful rubber footwear for an injury Rory received at Tysons Galleria last week. His shoe became caught in one of the mall escalators, nearly ripping the nail from the child’s big toe.

Now people, I get it… they’re comfy! They’re easy! They’re cheap! They’re colorful. But again, I implore you, unless you are my godson Jack (who looks so dang cute in them but stays far, far away from escalators), don’t. wear. those. vile. crocs. Just don’t.
You could inadvertently knock-out the power to one’s respirator, say. Or inadvertently mate them with the other loathable shoe-fad, the Ugg, and create the Crugg. Shudder. I’m just looking out for you, friends. And I know you have strong feelings in favor of this fad, too. And, truth be told, they are adorable on little, tiny kids. But they’re just so dang annoying! And ugly. And now dangerous. So just tread carefully. And I promise, you can laugh at my footwear decisions, too. I can take it.

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