“Hello, you’ve reached the winter of [my] discontent.”

As many of you know, I’ve been dealing with some rather annoying tummy troubles. Like super, duper, I’m-not-messing-around-with-you-anymore, OOC control tummy troubles.

And now… NOW I’m not supposed to drink caffeine. Like… poof! Stop drinking it. Which is like, ridiculous, if you’ve even ever met me. I have a must-do routine that I have to keep up, simply to function as a human being:

diet coke
iced coffee
diet coke
iced coffe
diet coke
That’s just how I do. So, tell me how I’m supposed to quit this?!?!??help me, please.

One thought on ““Hello, you’ve reached the winter of [my] discontent.”

  1. Oh boy… first, have you seen a doctor or an allergist? Second, I remember when an old roommate, who found out she was allergic to coffee, had to kick the habit. Molly, it was a bad, bad, bad living situation for two weeks. You will have headaches, be moody, like if you were quitting smoking. But then, it’s apparently like butter. You sleep better, lose weight, fewer mood swings…

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