Booze Central, USA

Ahh yes, another night with the ladies. It’s becoming a regular thing – if two times makes it regular – and I likes it. Totally helps get me through the week.

This week, we hit up Las Placitas. We wanted to keep things on the cheaper side, and I used to come to this place a lot during college because… uh… they were liberal with the ID sitch. But I’m sure they’ve totally changed. No WAY they do that now, right?

Anyway, it was fun going to The Hill… it’s funny, but I used to go to all these places all the time when I lived up there (Las Placitas, Banana Cafe, Finn MacCools, Ugly Mug Pug, Tapatini’s, Belga Cafe, not to mention Capitol Hill Veterinary and Oggi – which was the scene of my infamous Locks-of-Love-hair-donation debacle of ’06)… and now, I rarely go.

So… anyway, we had our 2nd installment of girl’s dinner, and we tried to save money by going cheaper. Turns out, when you dine with a bunch of booze hounds (myself totally included), you can’t avoid spending bank… and thus, Booze Central USA.

Okay, okay you say… but what happened? Anything good? I’ll say.

Here’s my version of Overheard in DC… kinda like the DCist’s version, only all about me (so that makes it better!):

Taking dinner from hilarious to awwwwwkward:
MJ: DW – Do you know where my grandparents live? NO! Because they’re DEAD!

But smoking is cool, I swear:
DW: I called LM yesterday, and I swear, I sounded like I had eaten four packs of cigarettes… lit.

On how I could be a shitty friend:
DW: If you show up at one of my parties with fake poop, I will beat the shit out of you. No pun intended.

Sometimes you have to spell. it. out:
: So she said, “We’re on the same softball team,” and I said, “Really??!!?!?,” and she said, “No, you idiot. We’re both lesbians!”

There was more, but the booze got in my way and I forgot to remember.

Ironically, or perhaps not so much, after CC and I discussed feeling threatened while walking solo in DC (it’s hard out there for a woman!) on the metro ride home, I exited the metro to the sound of circling helicopters and search lights. Which made for a super-safe walk home, DC style.

Can’t wait until Thai food next week… I’m going to pretend to play the sober game, but let’s get real. Ain’t gonna happen.


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